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Contamination has no borders - wherever there are people, there will be dirt. Every day thousands of people take up the call to become Heroes for Zero: Zero Contamination in critical manufacturing environments, Zero Infections in pharmacy and healthcare environments, and Zero Defects in automotive/aerospace surface prep environments. 

This podcast, presented by Contec, will bring you stories of these Heroes for Zero

Hosted By

Daniel Crowe

Daniel Crowe is Contec’s multimedia manager. Daniel is a multi-award winning and Emmy-nominated media producer, who worked in broadcast network television prior to joining Contec in 2014. Daniel is also one of the few US-based Adobe Certified Experts. His work has been observed on local TV, national networks, and companies like CBS, NBC, CNN, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Fox News Channel, The Today Show, Major League Baseball Network, Sports Illustrated, General Motors, Michelin, CVS, Highlights, Haas Automation, and more.