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Learn more about our contamination control products, from how to assemble them to how to use them to get the best results.

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Contec Cleanroom Overview

Contec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for mission-critical cleaning in manufacturing environments worldwide. Contec’s cleanroom wipes and mops are used in various industries across the globe— biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, microelectronics, optics, semiconductor, data storage, animal lab, automotive OEM, aerospace and other critical industrial applications. With more than thirty years of experience behind us, we understand the unique cleaning requirements of these very different markets. Our sales and technical support teams are fully trained to assist customers in finding or creating a Contec product that best meets their needs.

Corporate News

Contec Solar - Capturing the Sun

On August 21, 2017, the air became cooler as the light faded. The hum of crickets and cicadas filled the mid-afternoon twilight. As our team celebrated the Great American Solar Eclipse, we're proud of our use of solar power at Contec. Learn more in this short video.