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VertiKlean® MAX Mop Wipe System

Versatile tool for single-use wipes for cleaning controlled environments

Contec’s VertiKlean® MAX Mop Wipe System offers a quick and easy solution to mopping floors, walls, and other flat surfaces in any controlled environment. This versatile mop works with a variety of Contec mop wipe covers enabling the user to customize the mop to the cleaning task.

Dry and presaturated single-use wipes fit over the VertiKlean MAX foam mop head and QuickConnect frame to remove contamination such as powder, dirt, and dust from floors, walls, and ceilings.

The VertiKlean MAX Mop Wipe System provides excellent surface contact and conformity. It can be used to apply disinfectant solutions to surfaces when used with a bucket and wringer. Most importantly, when used for disinfection, the mop wipe covers entrap microorganisms, enabling them to be removed from the environment with each change of wipe cover.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel frame is chemical resistant
  • Autoclavable; can be sterilized by most common methods including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide, or autoclave (recommended cycle is 121°C for 30 minutes)
  • Easy to attach and remove mop covers
  • Variety of fabric options available
  • Presaturated or dry wipes are available
  • Removes contaminants easily from the environment
  • Extends the life of the VertiKlean MAX foam mop head
  • Presaturated wipe covers eliminate the need for a bucket and wringer
  • Slim profile allows easy access to confined spaces for efficient cleaning and disinfection
  • Thin, lightweight design makes it easy to clean floors, walls, and ceilings


Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. TF-1228 Description Tax-Fre® Mop Wipes
Tack cloth mop covers
Size 12" x 28" (31x71cm) Packaging 50/bag; 4 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. 2725E Description QuickConnect™ Stainless Steel One Piece Handle
Size 60" (152cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. 2643 Description QuickConnect™ Anodized Aluminum Telescopic Handle
Size 50" - 92" (127-234cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. 2645 Description QuickConnect™ Stainless Steel Telescopic Handle
Size 50" - 92" (127-234cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information