TuffStuff Wipes

Polyester/cellulose critical task wipes

TuffStuff are high quality critical task wipes. Available in light, medium and heavy duty, these wipes are solvent resistant and maintain their strength even when wet. TuffStuff wipes offer exceptional durability and cleanliness.

TuffStuff Wipes are available in multiple sizes, weights, and packaging configurations to meet the various customer needs.

The expanded range includes TuffSat, consisting of heavy duty dry wipes, quarter folded in a tub that can be saturated with cleaning solution. This versatile option allows wipes to be customized with the correct cleaning solution for that particular environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for ISO Class 6-8 environments
  • Hydroentangled nonwoven wipes are strong and durable without the use of binders
  • Light, medium and heavy duty wipes available to allows user to match the ideal wipe for the specific application
  • Offers strength wet or dry, no residues or binders left behind
  • Highly sorbent without the use of surfactants
  • Multiple wipe sizes allow optimum selection for each job
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. TSWC0917 Description TuffStuff™ Heavy Duty Wipes
Pop-up dispenser box
Size 9" x 16.5" (23x42cm) Packaging 100/box; 8 boxes/case Add Sample
Part No. TSGA1213B Description TuffStuff™ Wipes
Quarter folded
Size 12" x 13" (30x33) Packaging 50/bag; 20 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. TSWC1214 Description TuffStuff™ Heavy Duty Wipes
Roll-in dispenser box
Size 12" x 13" (30x33cm) Packaging 500/roll; 1 roll/dispenser case Add Sample
Part No. TSWC1217 Description TuffStuff™ Heavy Duty Wipes
Double pop-up dispenser box
Size 12" x 16.5" (30x42cm) Packaging 125/box; 2 boxes/case Add Sample