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ReFIBE Wipes

100% polyester wipes made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles

Contec’s ReFIBE wipes are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles making them a sustainable single-use option for critical manufacturers in the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Semi-Conductor industries. The revolutionary recycling process converts post-consumer plastic to 100% continuous filament polyester, the same substrate used in many of Contec’s standard polyester wipes and mops.

As synthetic polyester, ReFIBE wipes are exceptionally clean and are compatible with a wide range of cleanroom solutions and disinfectants. Like Contec’s standard polyester wipes, ReFIBE is laundered and packaged in an ISO 4 cleanroom. Low in releasable particles and fibers, ReFIBE wipes can be used in place of traditional polyester to incorporate sustainability without compromising quality or performance. Available in 9x9” and 12x12” sizes.

Also available Sterile.

How is a wipe made from recycled materials?

  • Post consumer bottles are collected
  • Bottles are chopped into flake and cleaned
  • Bottle flake is melted, filtered and formed into chip
  • Chip is melted and made into yarn
  • Yarn is knitted into ReFIBE Wipes

Features & Benefits

  • Made from recycled plastic bottles diverting waste from landfill
  • 100% synthetic polyester making them low in extractables and compatible with a wide variety of solvents
  • Low in particles and fibers lowering the risk of contamination during use
  • Laser cut edge to be suitable for ISO 3 and higher
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. RFHS-1212 Description Contec ReFIBE StandardWeight Heatseal Wipes
Flat Stacked
Size 12" x 12" (30x30cm) Packaging 75/bag; 10 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. RFHS-99 Description Contec ReFIBE StandardWeight Heatseal Wipes
Flat Stacked
Size 9" x 9" (23x23cm) Packaging 75/bag; 24 bags/case Add Sample