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PROSAT® Sterile Pi Microfiber Wipes

Sterile microfiber wipes presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% DI water

PROSAT® Sterile Pi wipes are designed for the most critical environments to control contamination and ultimately maintain cGMP compliance while consuming less resources. The wipes are made from polyester and nylon split microfiber, enhancing their cleaning effectiveness and contaminant pick-up ability. The 80gsm microfiber fabric is highly sorbent and offers metered release of solvent to surfaces, covering greater areas compared to other presaturated wipes.

PROSAT Sterile Pi wipes are presaturated with 70% USP grade IPA and 30% DI water, allowing for controlled application to surfaces and less VOCs compared to spraying. The peel-and-reseal pouch can be resealed throughout use to maintain the wipes’ saturation level and IPA concentration. The wipes are validated sterile to 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level and suitable for use in Grade A and B cleanrooms.

PROSAT Sterile Pi wipes are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers.

Also available Nonsterile.

Features & Benefits

  • Nonwoven split microfiber increases cleaning effectiveness and contaminant pick up and offers a smooth, even laydown of solvent to surfaces
  • Covers greater surface area compared to non-microfiber wipes, reducing the number of wipes required for some cleaning tasks
  • Presaturated wipes have controlled saturation levels, reducing solvent usage, VOCs and waste
  • Validated sterile to 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level and suitable for use in Grade A and B cleanrooms
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. PS-314IR Description PROSAT® Sterile™ Pi Microfiber Wipes
Size 9” x 9” (230x230mm) Packaging 20 wipes/pouch; 40 pouches/case Add Sample