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MicroGenesis Mop

Single-use microfiber mop pads

MicroGenesis Mop 100% synthetic, disposable microfiber mop pad effectively removes fine particles and large debris from floors, providing superior removal of visible contaminants. Designed to be used wet or dry for general facilities cleaning in ISO Class 8 environments and above. It is compatible with a wide range of disinfectants, including quats, peroxides and bleach. These synthetic pads are designed to provide uniform surface coverage. 


Features & Benefits

Synthetic construction is compatible with common disinfectants such as quats, peroxides and bleach

New pad for each use simplifies quality control, inventory and space management, all without cross-contamination risk

Compatible with most existing hardware

Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. MGMP0001 Description MicroGenesis Mop Pad
Single-use microfiber pad
Size 5" x 18" (13x46cm) Packaging 140/case Add Sample
Part No. MGMP0002 Description MicroGenesis Hygienic Backer Plate
Size 4" x 16" (10x41cm) Packaging 24/case Add Sample
Part No. 2652SS Description QuickConnect Mop Head Frame
Size 11.5" (29cm) Packaging 1/each Request Information
Part No. 2725E Description QuickConnect Handle
Size 60" (152.4cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information