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Edgeless® Floor Mop

Polyester string mop

Edgeless® Mops are made from strong, durable knitted polyester, eliminating contamination from breakage and deterioration common with cotton and rayon string mops. Cleanroom laundered Edgeless Mops are made from a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form mop strands that will not shed or break.

Patented Textured and Long Textured Edgeless Mops feature unique ribbed, twisted strands that are more sorbent than traditional string mops and have a textured head band that is ideal when additional abrasion resistance is required.

All mops are available sterilized by gamma radiation, and can be autoclaved. Validated sterile per the AAMI/ISO Guidelines to a 10-6 SAL. Certificates of sterility are available.


Features & Benefits

  • Durable and chemical resistant
  • Continuous loop of mop strands provides improved cleanliness, eliminating cut edges
  • Textured large head band provides scrubbing power for difficult stains and debris
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. EL-MOPT Description Edgeless® Floor Mop
Long textured white tail band mop
Size Packaging 1/bag; 20 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. 2646F Description QuickConnect™ Edgeless Floor Mop Frame
Polypropylene copolymer frame with stainless steel connector
Size 6" x 7" (15x18cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information