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Anticon Guardrail® G2 Wipes

100% continuous filament polyester wipe with sealed border and Particle Attraction Technology

Anticon Guardrail® G2 wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester that has a four sided sealed border. Using Contec’s patented Particle Attraction Technology (PAT) system, the wipe attracts and retains more particles than a traditional cleanroom wipe making it ideal for critical cleaning tasks.

Anticon Guardrail G2 wipes are highly absorbent and abrasion resistant. They have ultra low levels of ions and extractables. Anticon Guardrail G2 wipes are recommended for superior cleaning in ISO Class 3-5 cleanroom applications. Ideal for tool and chamber cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed border edge allows wipe to have low fibers and particles
  • Particle Attraction Technology (PAT) attracts 35 times more particles than other wipes
  • Excellent solvent compatibility with isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and other solvents
  • Ultra low levels of ions and extractables makes it ideal for critical cleaning tasks
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. G2HW0101 Description Anticon Guardrail® G2 Wipes
Polyester wipe with Particle Attraction Technology (PAT)
Size 9 x 9 (23 x 23cm) Packaging 50/bag; 20 bags/case Add Sample