Amplitude Zeta Wipes

Thermally bonded polypropylene and cellulose quilted nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Zeta™ wipes are a 3-ply thermally bonded wipe which comprises of a layer of cellulose sealed between two layers of meltblown polypropylene. This creates a material which is very absorbent and has a high level of cleanliness. The wipes have good chemical compatibility and are resistant to most disinfectants and solvents, including acids. Absorbent enough for solvent and acid spills, they are also ideal for wiping to dry applications. Amplitude Zeta wipes make useful tray liners and are suitable for general and  lab area applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for ISO Class 6-7 environments
  • 3-ply quilted pattern allows for segregation by appearance
  • High level of cleanliness for a general purpose wipe
  • Ideal for solvent pick up and wiping to dry
  • Double packaged to preserve product integrity
  • Good chemical compatibility including acids
  • Can be used as tray liners and spill mats
Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. AMZE0001 Description Amplitude™ Zeta™ Wipes
Flat stacked
Size 8" x 9" (20x23cm) Packaging 300/bag; 12 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. AMZE0002 Description Amplitude™ Zeta™ Wipes
Flat stacked
Size 11" x 12" (28x30cm) Packaging 150/bag; 22 bags/case Add Sample