Amplitude Helix Wipes

Meltblown polypropylene nonwoven wipes

Amplitude Helix wipes are manufactured from meltblown polypropylene, this combined with fine continuous filaments provides improved cleanliness. Polypropylene has excellent acid and chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in many laboratory and cleanroom applications. The structure of the wipe is especially suitable for the metered release of solvents and disinfectants. The microsized filaments provide exceptional particle removal. As it is manufactured solely from manmade fibers it ensures a wipe which has very low levels of particles and fibres. The wipe has good sorbancy and could be used for chemical spills.


Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for ISO Class 5-6 environments
  • Continuous filaments provide low levels of particles and extractables
  • Meltblown polypropylene allows metered release of disinfectants
  • Microsized filaments provide exceptional particle removal
  • Highly resistant to acids and chemicals


Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. AMHX0003 Description Amplitude™ Helix™ Wipes
Flat stacked
Size 9" x 9" (23x23cm) Packaging 200/bag; 12 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. AMHX0004 Description Amplitude™ Helix™ Wipes
Flat stacked
Size 12" x 12 (30x30cm) Packaging 100/bag; 18 bags/case Add Sample