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Mark Wiencek

K. Mark Wiencek, PhD, is the Lead Microbiologist for Contec, Inc. and leads the technical service group for pharmacy, healthcare and professional cleaning.

Mark has been hunting and killing germs for over twenty-five years. He received a MS in Microbiology from NCSU and a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Maryland. Since then, he has focused on control of microbes and biofilms in multiple applications including water treatment, consumer textiles, medical devices, and environmental surfaces in the built environment. Previous industrial experience with the biocides group at Rohm and Haas Company and as the lead microbiologist at Milliken & Company for 18 years. In early 2017, Mark joined the technical team at Contec to support cleaning tools and chemistries for control of microbial contamination in pharmacies, healthcare facilities and other critical environments.

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