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A little over a year ago, the world began to relearn how to function due to the COVID-19 lockdown pandemic. Our first episode of “Stories from the Field” featured interviews with different healthcare-affiliated professionals, and we heard how they were coping with daily life in the "new normal." We revisit one of those stories to see how their 2020 turned out, and speak with new guests on changes they’ve made to make the best of lockdown, distancing, and more!

Visit Contec's vaccine resource page and watch our expert panel, as mentioned in this episode:
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Hosted By

Daniel Crowe

Daniel Crowe is Contec’s multimedia manager. Daniel is a multi-award winning and Emmy-nominated media producer, who worked in broadcast network television prior to joining Contec in 2014. Daniel is also one of the few US-based Adobe Certified Experts. His work has been observed on local TV, national networks, and companies like CBS, NBC, CNN, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Fox News Channel, The Today Show, Major League Baseball Network, Sports Illustrated, General Motors, Michelin, CVS, Highlights, Haas Automation, and more.

Michael T. Myers has been with Contec, Inc since 1998 working in various roles including product development, sales management, and technical support.  For almost ten years he has been exclusively focused on Sterile Compounding Pharmacies.  As the Clinical Support Manager for the Healthcare division at Contec, he is focused on developing educational materials and in-service teaching of pharmacy technicians regarding the best practices to clean and disinfect environments in 503A compliant compounding pharmacies  – helping them become compliant with USP Chapters <797> and <800>.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree Communications from Appalachian State University.