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Spartanburg, SC – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Interphex has been canceled for 2020. Contec will be attending April 20-22, 2021 to showcase new products and technology.

“These are unprecedented times and although we were excited to attend Interphex this year, we understand and support this decision.” says Christina Adkison, Cleanroom Marketing Manager at Contec, Inc.

What would have been in Contec’s booth?

Contec has launched several new products and technologies this year.

CyQuanol™ Disinfectant

CyQuanol Disinfectant is an EPA-registered ready-to-use, intermediate cleaner/disinfectant for the most critical environments. CyQuanol is a one-step, 0.2 micron filtered blend of Quaternary Ammonium and Ethyl Alcohol. It is available sterile and nonsterile.

CyQuanol has a 1-minute contact time against bacteria, viruses, fungi and TB. This short contact time ensures compliance with the required dwell time saving time in any life science facility. It also contains surfactants, and as such, no pre-clean step is required.

ReFIBE Wipes

ReFIBE™ is the cleanroom industry’s first sustainable polyester wipe made from recycled plastic bottles. ReFIBE wipes are 100% polyester and the data is very comparable to traditional polyester.

They are laser-cut with heatsealed edges and cleanroom laundered to reduce the number of releasable particles and fibers. ReFIBE is available non-sterile in two sizes, 9” x 9” and 12” x 12”.

Each case of 9” x 9” wipes contains approximately 840 plastic bottles and each case of 12” x 12” wipes contains approximately 480 plastic bottles.

New Technology:

In March 2020, Contec launched VAL, an online Virtual Assisted Learning tool that allows our valued customers to find the appropriate critical cleaning products for specific surface areas based on Grade/ISO Class. Each ISO class has various touch points that highlight products and videos showcasing ideal products and best practice applications to clean and disinfect that surface area. Check it out for yourself:  

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