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Members of the Contec Cleanroom team were at Interphex in New York City April 2-4 to discuss the latest in critical cleaning technology. Product management, technical services, disinfectants specialists and marketing were on hand to answer customer questions and offer assistance for their facility cleaning challenges.

One of the biggest themes we saw this year is the need for single-use products. From components in manufacturing to consumables, the need for disposable, single-use products is growing. Attendees are looking for tools to lower the risk of contamination in their facilities and to their products.

Dave Nobile, Technical Services Manager, did an educational session on Wednesday April 3 at 11:30 a.m. He educated attendees on the risks of using relaundered mops in their facility. His presentation highlighted the microfiber construction of a mop and how this construction makes it difficult to launder after use. He also emphasized a study comparing residue levels with laundered microfiber mops to single use mops. The only way to really know the mop is clean is by validating it after relaundering.

“The properties that make microfiber so good at cleaning surfaces also makes them difficult to be cleaned, to clean again in terms of relaundering.”

“Understanding the real risk of using reusable mops can only be accomplished from periodic validation over the entire lifespan of that mop.” - Dave Nobile

Attendees came to our booth where we showed them the latest Contec products including the new VertiKlean® MAX™ Hands-Free Mop Removal Tool, QuickConnect VertiKlean® MAX™ Lay Flat Frame and the Anticon® MicroQuilt Wipe which is a hybrid of Contec’s Quiltec® and Anticon® Gold Sorb Wipes.

One thing is certain, the need for single-use cleaning products is growing in the cleanroom industry. Contec has a robust line of product options for any cleaning challenge. Because at Contec, we do Whatever it Takes.