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Spartanburg, SC – Contec’s Lead Microbiologist, Mark Wiencek, Ph.D. “went live” on Monday, May 4th with WSPA, Spartanburg SC’s CBS affiliate.  The broadcast featured numerous live cutaway interviews regarding the importance of reading and understanding disinfecting product label claims including proper dwell times and directions for use. This information is most pertinent amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of preventive measures on a local and national scale.

For the masses who may be asking, “What is there to think about? Wipe or spray a surface and its clean, right?” Dr. Wiencek’s reply is a resounding “No, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. It’s important for consumers to be educated on proper sanitization and disinfecting dwell times to achieve the desired microbial kill on surfaces.”

Mark shared details and helpful consumer tips with WSPA’s Christine Scarpelli and Ryan Goodman on the importance of letting a solution stay on a surface for the required time specified on the label.

“We all know disinfecting surfaces is important for reducing the spread of germs like this coronavirus,” says Dr. Wiencek. “However, many people don’t realize every product does not work the same way. Every disinfectant label has instructions for how long the product must remain wet on a surface for it to work properly.”

“There’s an important thing on here (the label) we call it dwell time,” says Dr. Wiencek to Christine Scarpelli. “It means the product has to stay wet on the surface for a certain amount of time for it to be able to sanitize or disinfect that population of germs on the surface.”

“As one might expect, we are experiencing elevated levels of product demand across our businesses,” says Avi Lawrence, Contec’s President. “And, as demand grows, we will continue to work to raise awareness in our industries on the importance of product safety, including the proper reading, understanding and following of product label instructions as an important aspect of keeping people healthy.”

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