Spartanburg, SC – Contec has been a leader in contamination control for more than 30 years. During this time, Contec has innovated and produced many cleaning and disinfecting products for use in the most critical environments around the world. Contec’s Technical Services Group has provided guidance and education for many of these critical environments.

Contec is excited to now offer expanded Contamination Control Assessments for guidance and education to address problems, issues, and questions customers have in their critical environments and operations.

“Contec has grown in our efforts to provide education, training and best practice recommendations for the most critical environments,” says Dave Nobile, Technical Services Group Manager. “We have been providing in-person assessments for years, however virtual offerings are needed now more than ever. We are excited to now offer the same benefits of our in-person assessments to our customers in an effective, safe, and virtual way.”

Technical Services Group experts offer several options for Contamination Control Assessments (CCA):

CCA Consult: Virtual meeting and discussion/interviews with one or more TSG experts.

CCA Remote: Remote assessment with video tour or stationary video observation, with one or more TSG experts.

CCA In-person: Complete and thorough onsite assessment with one TSG expert.


Contec’s Technical Services Group

The Technical Services Group has more than 100 years combined expertise in both general specific contamination control subject areas. Our experts provide insight and contamination control solutions in many areas including:

  • Contamination control best practices
  • Disinfection and disinfectant selection
  • Microbial sources and control
  • Residue mitigation and control
  • Maintaining aseptic environments
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Operator behavior
  • Contaminant identification
  • Education in contamination understanding and best practices
  • Training in optimizing cleanroom cleaning and disinfection