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Spartanburg, SC – March 16, 2020 –  The ongoing consequences of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) now include the urgent call for social distancing (meeting postponement, limiting site visitors to facilities, etc.)  Contec both recognizes and supports this behavior and has therefore accelerated the launch of its online learning and training tool, VAL™.

VAL, which stands for Virtual Assisted Learning, is a web-based means of allowing valued customer-partners to find the appropriate critical cleaning products to meet the challenges posed by their cleanroom operations by Grade/ISO Class. Moreover, each specific virtual “environment” features numerous touch-points that highlight product solutions through clickable PDFs and videos which showcase best practice applications to clean and disinfect key equipment and/or surfaces.

“We understand and respect the steps our customers are taking to protect their employees and products,” says Matt Schiering, Chief Marketing Officer for Contec, Inc. “Our digital and multimedia teams collaborated closely with product management and our customers to develop an unprecedented educational portal that will assist users whether a rep is physically present or not. VAL works anywhere a customer wishes to access it – from home or work – on the device of their choice. So, even if we can’t be with you, our guidance is guaranteed.”

What Does VAL do?

VAL is more than a product selection tool. VAL provides guidance, education and best practices to maintain the highest standards across a variety of critical cleaning environments. VAL covers more than two dozen touch-points, highlighting appropriate products for each specified area. VAL also features 25 distinct product recommendation PDFs, and provides 22 best-practice videos and 8 custom illustrations for the U.S.

“The goal of VAL is to provide assistance to our customers whenever and wherever they need it,” shared Rick Harward, one of Contec’s cleanroom business managers. “In light of the current, evolving situation, we can’t be everywhere we’d like to be. But now, our service and expertise can be present even if we can’t be. Our entire salesforce will be available for any questions or to walk someone through VAL.”

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