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Spartanburg, SC - November 27, 2018 – Contec is excited to launch the newly revised A lot of research went into the design and functionality of the new website making sure to keep customers’ needs in mind. The new website incorporates better search functionality, videos, product filtering to make it easier to find the most relevant product, and of course ease of use as it can be viewed on all mobile devices.

Global Emphasis:
Contec is an international company with manufacturing sites in three countries. Therefore, one website cannot meet every customer’s needs. For this launch, Contec has created English versions of the website for the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. In 2019, Contec will be launching websites in various languages including French, German, and Spanish.

Product Search and Pages:
Contec has been in business for more than 30 years, with continual innovation to meet customer’s needs.  This generates a very large range of contamination control products for a wide range of industries.  A wide product range needs a robust filtering tool to allow each customer to find the most relevant product for their needs  Customers can go to the new website and filter by various options including product type, sterile or nonsterile, product size and more.  Related products are always suggested as options or products which will be appropriate for use with the chosen product.

Product pages have been redesigned. When searching, products come up as product cards listing the product name, photo, and features. This makes it easier to decipher which product is most appropriate for the desired application.  Each product page has a product description, product features and benefits, part numbers with descriptions, sample and information ordering, technical information, literature and videos. Therefore, everything available for that product will be on that page.

Mobile Friendly:
Contec’s new website is responsive, meaning it will work on cell phones, tablets, or desktop computers. The user can find things on the site through many different pathways which makes finding products, documents, and other information easier and faster.

Video Utilization:
Contec utilizes videos wherever possible throughout the site including the home page, industry pages, and product pages when applicable. This allows users to see products in action in various critical environments.