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Contec, Inc. and CEO Jack McBride are featured in Spartanburg's newspaper, The Herald Journal, for the April 24, 2018 issue. McBride was interviewed at the Wingo Park location to discuss what Contec does, the value provided to customers, and plans for company expansion.

How has Contec remained a friend of Spartanburg? 
"We now have three major facilities here which employ approximately 500 people and with our recent investment in the distribution center, we expect that number to continue to climb. Our S.C. payroll should approach about $25 million in 2018. We have done some things recently in terms of pay increases. Employees are allowed to take one week per year (fully paid) to do community service work, most of which is done in Spartanburg."

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 Watch the video below of Jack McBride discussing some of our products.