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MicroGenesis Wipes

100% polyester microfibre yarn knitted into a thermally bonded polypropylene substrate

MicroGenesis delivers the maximum amount of microfibre to pick up and retain particles dust and other contaminants in cleanrooms and other critical applications. For dry applications where particle pickup and retention is critical MicroGenesis delivers unprecedented performance.  The wipe is ideal for picking up the powder residue generated in tablet and fine powder pharmaceutical manufacturing or grease removal before manufacturing batches. This particle pickup makes the wipe useful for surface preparation prior to painting, laminating or other finishing applications. In addition, Contec's unique processing gives the MicroGenesis wipe excellent sorbency characteristics making it ideal for multiple applications and industries. It is safe for use with all disinfectants including chlorine and quaternary ammonium-based products. 

MicroGenesis is not recommended for applications with rough or perforated surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for ISO Class 6-8 environments
  • Microfibre is only applied to the wiping surface creating a cost effective single use microfibre wipe
  • Microfibre fabric easily picks up and retains particles
  • Highly sorbent and suitable for use with a wide range of disinfectants
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. LWMM0100 Description MicroGenesis Wipes
Size 250 x 300 mm Packaging 100/bag, 8 bags/case Add Sample
Part No. LWMM0300 Description MicroGenesis Wipes
Size 250 x 460 mm Packaging 100/bag; 4 bags/case Add Sample