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CONSTIX Swabs - Sealed Foam: SF-17

Cotton-tipped applicator sealed foam swab

CONSTIX SF-17 sealed foam swab consists of 100 PPI sealed closed-cell polyurethane foam head formed over the cotton bud of a 6” applicator with wooden handle.

The soft, polyurethane foam head provides good particle entrapment and removal. The absorbent foam enables solvents, such as isopropanol and ethanol, to be readily absorbed for applications involving solvent delivery and removal. SF-17 swab is well suited to applying solutions and adhesives and is low in particles and fibres.

No adhesives are used, and the wood handles are solvent resistant and are stiff enough to allow vigorous swabbing. The SF-17 is absorbent and compatible with most solvents. However, the swab is not recommended for use with ketones such as acetone or MEK.


Features & Benefits

  • Soft foam head is well suited for applying solutions and adhesives
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. SF-17 Description CONSTIX Sealed Foam swab
Head dimension 6.4 x 19.1mm; handle diameter 2.2mm
Size 152.4mm Packaging 500/case Add Sample