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CONSTIX Sealed Polyester Swabs: SP-1

Sealed knitted polyester swab

The SP-1 is a sealed polyester swab consisting of 100% knitted polyester fabric thermally bonded to a polypropylene handle. The SP-1 contains no adhesives or binders. The swab head is made from cleanroom laundered polyester fabric. These swabs are the best option to use with harsh solvents such as acetone, trichloroethane, and nitric and sulfuric acids. SP-1 swabs are durable, absorbent, and extremely in low particulate and residue levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed polyester head provides the lowest contamination risk of any other type of swabs
  • Polypropylene handle provides excellent resistance to most common solvents, acids, and bases
Product Information
Part No. Description Size Packaging Sample
Part No. SP-1 Description CONSTIX Sealed Polyester swab
Head dimension 5.1 x 20.3mm; handle diameter 3mm
Size 152.4mm Packaging 500/case Add Sample