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Contec’s line of mopping systems, wipes and disinfectants are ideal for all size facilities and all types of surfaces.


Specialty Cleaning Products for Lab Animal Facilities

Lab Animal research represents a tremendous investment in terms of time, money, and most importantly— new technology.  We understand that the proper cleaning of animal research facilities is essential to animal well-being, the quality of research data, the health and safety of personnel, as well as serviceability of equipment and facilities. Protect the investment you have made in research, with cleaning products which minimise contamination risks to your animals. Contec's innovative equipment is designed to meet the specific requirements of laboratory animal facilities. 

Disinfectants and Cleaning Solutions

Contec’s disinfectants utilize chemistries that provide better results, in less time, with a greatly reduced impact on animals, people, equipment, surfaces, and environment. Our wipes, mops, and disinfectants are ideal for cleaning in both small and large animal lab facilities.  Contec ProChlor is a fast-acting, powerful disinfectant ideally designed for laboratory animal facilities.  Uniquely, Contec ProChlor will eliminate 95% of Syphacia spp pinworm eggs in 10 minutes.  Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal in 1 minute, it has proven efficacy against mouse and canine parvo virus.  Sterile and filtered 70% alcohol solutions complete the product range.

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