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Why Contec

Contec, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for mission-critical cleaning in manufacturing environments worldwide. For more than 20 years, Contec has provided solutions to customers across many industries including biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, microelectronics, optics, semiconductor, data storage, automotive OEM and aerospace. Meeting customer needs in all these markets and exceeding customer expectations are part of our core values at Contec.  None of our competitors can say that. 

INNOVATION As a long established leader in custom designed products for specific applications, many of our products were developed at customer requests. We take pride in developing innovative products that not only deliver outstanding performance but are cost-effective for our customers. We were the first to introduce presaturated wipes to critical environments allowing customers to greatly reduce their VOC emissions. We were also the first to develop a wall mopping system for the biotech and life sciences market.  We treat new applications and customer problems as a challenge to our R&D capabilities. 

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Our success would not be possible without our technical support team. Contec has the largest, most experienced sales team in the critical environment industry and a technical support team with over 100 years in critical environment solutions.  Contec industry experts provide unmatched technical training and customer seminars. With sales representatives all over the world, as well as distribution centers in the United States, China and Europe, our customers benefit from personalized service and fast, efficient sample and order turn around.

GLOBAL SCOPE AND REDUNDANT MANUFACTURING Contec has sales representatives all over the world. In addition, we also offer customers state-of-the-art manufacturing in both Spartanburg, South Carolina and Suzhou, China as well as distribution centers in Toledo, OH and Europe.  We can provide the same products in all geographies and our regional R&D centers allow us to develop products for specific applications in each region. 

QUALITY   Both Contec manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 registered.  As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Contec controls more of the manufacturing process than any of our competitors.  We invite you to come visit our manufacturing facilities and find out for yourself the quality built into the products we make.

BROAD CAPABILITY AND PRODUCT LINE Our extensive cleanroom product line includes knitted, woven and nonwoven wipes, presaturated wipes, sterile and non-sterile wipes, mopping systems, wall washing systems, disinfectants, sponges and swabs for cleanrooms and controlled environments. In fact, we have the widest variety of presaturated wipes and wall mopping systems in the industry. Still not convinced we’re the cleanroom industry leader? Contact your sales representative and ask for a product sample. Our Samples Department takes care of both standard and custom product orders. Requests come in from all over the world and most are sent to customers within 48 hours. More than 4,740 samples were processed last year alone.

So Why Contec? Why not?