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Specialty Wipes

For less critical cleaning tasks and wiping applications, Contec has wipes made of foam, lightweight polyester, cotton twill and microdenier material. EliminatR spill control pillows and socks are ideal for use around solution containers, chemical drums and heavy equipment. Absorbent, absrasion resistant VK Sponges are ideal for wiping spills and routine cleaning.


Reticulated 100 pore-per-inch polyurethane foam wipes


Hydrophilic polyurethane foam wipes

EliminatR® Pillow

Disposable cleanroom spill control pillow

EliminatR® Sock

Disposable cleanroom spill control sock

Twill Jean

Strong, durable and absorbent 100% cotton twill wipe

Tack Cloth

Knitted polyester tack cloth with sealed-edges