Contec's PROSAT Si presaturated wipes feature 100% polyester nonwoven material presaturated with a 10% IPA and 90% DI Water blend in flat re-sealable pouches individually lot-numbered for traceability. These specially designed pouches preserve cleanliness and solvent saturation levels. PROSAT wipes are an effective, efficient and convenient method of cleaning process tools and other equipment.

  • 100% polyester nonwoven presaturated wipes
  • Solvent: 10% isopropyl alcohol/90% deionized water
  • Resealable pouch preserves cleanliness and solvent saturation levels
  • Each package is individually lot numbered


  • Designed for the semiconductor industry
  • ISO Class 5 compatible
  • Cleaning and wipe down of process tools and other equipment
  • Solvent blend meets SEMI specifications for metals and contaminants
  • Ideal for wiping articles prior to pass through.
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
9" x 9" (22.9x 22.9cm) wipe30 wipes/pouch; 50 pouches/caseSDSRequest Sample