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Nonwoven Wipes

Contec offers several dry nonwoven wipes designed for cleaning and spill control in critical electronics environments. Choose from a wide range of absorbent, durable nonwoven wipes made from polyester, polypropylene, polyester/cellulose, and Lyocell/polyester blended fibers.

Amplitude™ Prozorb®

Textured cellulose/polyester nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Helix™

Meltblown polypropylene nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Optic Wipe

Absorbent nonabrasive optical-grade cellulose nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ EcoCloth™

Absorbent cellulose/polyester nonwoven wipes

Bemcot® M-3 and S2

100% filament rayon nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Delta™

100% Polyester hydroentangled nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Zeta™

Thermally bonded polypropylene and cellulose quilted nonwoven wipe

Amplitude™ Sigma™

Cellulose/polyester hydroentangled nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Epsilon™

Cellulose/polyester hydroentangled nonwoven wipes

Amplitude™ Kappa™

Polyester/lyocell hydroentangled nonwoven wipes