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Knitted Wipes

Contec has created the widest selection of knitted wipes using a variety of fabric types, edge technologies, and processing options. For cleaning and wiping applications in ISO Class 3-4 cleanrooms, choose our Polynit Heatseal or Quiltec I wipes. Made from our soft texured polyester interlock knit, these wipes have sealed edges which prevent the release of particles and fibers.

Polywipe-C Heatseal

Lightweight 100% polyester interlock knit wipes

Polynit Heatseal, Enhanced Sorbency

Textured 100% polyester no-run knit wipes with heatsealed edges

Quiltec® I

2-ply quilted polyester wipes with heatsealed edges

Polynit Z

Electrostatic dissipative polyester wipes

QuickPick™ Packaging

Convenient packaging for quarter-folding wipes

Anticon® Gold StandardWeight™

100% polyester double-knit interlock wipes with sealed edges

Anticon® White Magic™

Economical polyester interlock knit wipe

Anticon® Gold HeavyWeight™

100% polyester double-knit interlock wipe with sealed edges

Anticon® with PAT

Anticon wipes with Particle Attraction Technology