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MicroGenesis™ Microfiber Wipes

The Contec MicroGenesis wipe is designed with a micro-terry pile to give the fast and efficient pick-up and retention of particles for which microfiber is known. The MicroGenesis wipe utilizes 100% polyester microfiber yarn knitted into a thermally bonded polypropylene substrate. This structure applies microfiber only to the wiping surface where it is needed while sealing the base of each stitch in a thermally bonded base. MicroGenesis delivers the maximum amount of microfiber to pick-up and retain particles, dust, and other contaminants in cleanrooms and other critical applications.

For dry applications where particle pick-up and retention is critical, MicroGenesis delivers unprecedented performance. In some applications the dry performance of the product may allow for the elimination of costly cleaning chemicals. In addition, Contec’s unique processing gives the MicroGenesis wipe excellent sorbency characteristics, making it ideal for multiple applications and industries.


Tablet Manufacturing and Fine Powdered Pharmaceuticals

• Powder residue generated and deposited on equipment, floors, walls, and ceilings
• Grease removal from production equipment between manufactured lots
• Glass and goggle cleaning
• Safe for use with all disinfectants including bleach and quaternary ammonium

General Cleanroom

• Spill pick-up and removal
• Wet and dry floor cleaning
• Stainless steel cleaning and polishing

Other Applications

• Particle removal prior to lamination
• Surface preparation prior to paint or other finishing applications

MicroGenesis is not recommended for applications with rough or perforated surfaces.

Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
12" x 10" (31 x 25cm) wipe100 wipes/bag, 8 bags/caseRequest Sample