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QuickPick™ Packaging

Contec's QuickPick Packaging addresses two expensive problems in one convenient package: Wipe waste and proper wiping technique.

Sealed-edge wipes are traditionally packaging in either a flat-stacked or a bulk configuration. Both of these packages make it difficult for a gloved operator to remove one wipe from a bag at a time, meaning more wipes are often picked up than are needed for the task. In addition, wipes come out of the package in an inconsistent fashion, and operators must either take time to properly fold them or use them in an improper method.

QuickPick Packaging features half-folded Polynit Heatseal knitted polyester wipes in a blue dispenser bag. Wipes are stacked so that the folded edge is easily accessible through the die-cut opening in the top of the package. Convenient and easy to use, QuickPick Packaging addresses both wipe waste and proper wiping technique, and also helps reduce risks of cross-contamination from gloves and dispenser boxes.

  • Disposable translucent blue inner dispenser bag
  • Half-folded wipes, easy to select one at a time
  • Wipe quarter-folds upon dispensing
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9" x 9" (22.9 x 22.9cm) Polynit Heatseal wipe50 wipes/bag; 2 inner bags/outer bag; 8 bags/caseRequest Sample