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Contec Sterile HydroPure, Europe

Made for the European market, Contec Sterile HydroPure is the world's first irradiated H202 product. The ready to use sporicidal biocide contains 6% v/v hydrogen peroxide in water for injection (EP), and is specifically designed for controlling residues and endotoxins in product contact areas of high-grade cleanrooms. Manufactured in a Grade C cleanroom and filtered to a 0.2 um, prior to gamma irradiation, Contec HydroPure has no residue and a guaranteed endotoxin limit of <0.25EU/ml. Provided sterile via gamma irradiation at no less than 25 kGy. Full supporting documentation available. 


  • Provides a log 3 reduction in spores in 15 minutes
  • Ready to use so can be applied directly to the surface ensuring even coverage
  • Suitable for terminal sterilisation
  • Use on product contact areas in the cleanroom environment
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
Contec HydroPure 1L Trigger Spray6 x 1LSDS