Life Sciences

Contec® Isopropanol

Available in three blends: 65%, 70% and 100%

Contec Isopropanol contains USP Grade Isopropanol (IPA) and USP Grade Purified Water. Filtered to 0.2µ, bottles are double-bagged to assure product quality. Each bottle has a lot code and expiration date for easy record keeping.

A convenient trigger sprayer with settings for stream or mist spraying is included with the 16 and 32 oz bottles. The stream setting is ideal for targeting specific hard to reach areas, while the mist setting is used to cover larger surfaces. Each leak-proof bottle is induction sealed, capped and shipped with an uninstalled trigger sprayer to eliminate the occurrence of leakage.


• Surface cleaning
• Wipe down of products and equipment for  pass through to controlled environments
• Use on gloved hands during gowning

    Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
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    70% Isopropanol, 16 oz (0.47L), trigger installed12 bottles/caseSDS
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    70% Isopropanol, 32 oz (0.95L)12 bottles/caseSDS
    70% Isopropanol, 128 oz (3.8L)4 bottles/caseSDS
    65% Isopropanol, 128 oz (3.8L)4 bottles/caseSDS
    100% Isopropanol, 128 oz (3.8L)4 bottles/caseSDS