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Bucket System 2769-KIT

Contec’s Polypropylene Bucket System 2769-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with two polypropylene 5 gallon (20L) buckets (red, gray), and stainless steel drip cap. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes the 2769 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Cart features 4 standard casters. The double bucket system allows for differentiation between cleaning and rinsing solutions.

The 5 gallon (20L) buckets are compatible with two types of sieves depending on the mop used. 2768 is a curved stainless steel sieve that is used with our EasyCurve™ mop. The 2767 flat stainless steel sieve works with Contec flat mops such as VertiKlean MAX and QuickTask. Both sieves are used with the 2765 stainless steel frame designed to fit our 5 gallon (20L) buckets.


  • Compact design makes 2769-KIT ideal for smaller cleanrooms
  • Looking for a 5 gallon (20L) bucket system with heavy-duty casters? View 2770-KIT


Wringer Options


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Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
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Polypropylene double bucket system, two 5 gallon (20L) buckets (gray, red), cart with standard casters1/case
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Stainless steel sieve frame, for 5 gallon (20L) bucket1/case
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Stainless steel sieve, curved, for EasyCurve™ mops, requires 2765 base1/case
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Stainless steel sieve, flat, for Contec flat mops, requires 2765 base1/case
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Slinger and stainless steel frame1/case