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CoreTack3-Lite Tack Cloth

Developed for Class-A Surfaces
  • Textured 100% Polyester Low-Lint Cloth
  • Developed with knitted selvaged edges and heat sealed cuts to reduce snags and fibers — only CoreTack tack cloth is manufactured using a high temperature and pressure tack 'thermoset' impregnation process, which significantly reduces invisible residue buildup that may react with other finishing materials to cause coating defects such as marring and streaking
  • Tack Formula won't dry out
  • No VOC's
  • Custom sizes and put-ups available


  • Cleaning surfaces prior to primer coat
  • Cleaning surfaces prior to top-coat
  • Cleaning surfaces prior to clear-coat
  • Cleaning surfaces of all debris while transfering no residue
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
9" x 18" (22.9 x 45.7cm) polyester tack cloth100 pieces/bag; 4 bags/caseRequest Sample