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Anticon® Gold Sorb™

Anticon Gold Sorb is a unique wipe which combines the performance of a microfiber yarn with that of a polyester yarn to create a wipe with superior wiping and sorptive characteristics. Gold Sorb incorporates proprietary edge sealing technology with 100% continuous filament polyester, chemically modified for superior cleanliness and sorbency. The sealed edge provides a barrier to fiber and particle generation that is not available with nonwoven wipes.

  • Excellent for use as a moist-sand wipe and sealer clean-up
  • Ultra low-lint unlaundered Gold Sorb is stronger and cleaner than nonwoven wipes.


  • Can be used as a facility saturated wipe
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
12" x 12" (30 x 30cm) wipes100 each/bag; 4 bags/case
12" x 12" (30 x 30cm) wipes100 each/bag; 4 bags/case