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The CleanTube tubular wipe from Contec brings the cleanliness of cleanroom laundering to other critical manufacturing industries. Constructed of 100% polyester knit and available in a variety
of lengths and textures, CleanTube wipes are ideal for many surface preparation applications in aerospace and automotive environments.

  • Durable polyester provides excellent sorbency
  • Available in a variety of textures for superior cleaning and pick-up performance
  • Heat cauterized edges naturally roll outward, reducing the potential for particles from cut fibers
  • The tubular construction of CleanTube wipes allows technicians to "load" their arms with several
  • wipes at a time, reducing downtime
  • High stretch allows for cleaning in tight spaces
  • Economically bulk packaged
  • Multiple packaging configurations are available
  • Available in different widths and lengths


  • Ideal for removing excess sealant during assembly
  • Excellent on coarse or rough sanded surfaces
  • Ideal for equipment cleaning and maintenance
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
CleanTube, polyester 7" x 10" (17 x 25cm) lacoste ribbed knit100 tubes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 9" x 24" (23 x 61cm) jersey smooth tube53 tubes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 7" x 10" (17 x 25cm) jersey smooth tube100 tubes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 9" x 34" (23 x 86cm) jersey smooth tube36 tubes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 9" x 16" (23 x 41cm) jersey smooth knit5 lbs./bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 10" x 12" (25 x 30cm) lacoste ribbed knit100 wipes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample 
CleanTube, polyester 10" x 14.5" (25 x 37cm) lacoste ribbed knit78 wipes/bag; 5 bags/caseRequest Sample