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MicroGenesis™ Microfiber Wipes

Contec introduces a revolutionary new wipe that combines the best features of knitted, nonwoven, and microfiber technologies to deliver unprecedented performance at an affordable price point. MicroGenesis wipes are made with 100% polyester microfiber knitted into a polypropylene substrate, a unique material that delivers microfiber only to the wiping surface where it is needed. This construction maximizes the amount of microfiber available to pick-up and retain contaminants.

Cellulose-free MicroGenesis Wipes are compatible with bleach and quaternary ammonium solutions. Strong and durable, this wipe works well either dry or wet, and is ideal for absorbing spills as well as cleaning in lab environments.


  • Heavier fabric with more loft available for contaminant pick-up
  • Superior removal of both viable and non-viable particles
  • Ideal for capturing fine substances such as animal hair, dander, and pinworm eggs
  • Quickly traps bedding debris
  • Extra sorbent wipe is ideal for many lab cleaning applications
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
12" x 10" (31 x 25cm) wipe100 wipes/bag, 8 bags/caseRequest Sample