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PeridoxRTU® Sporicidal Disinfectant

PeridoxRTU is a broad spectrum EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide one-step disinfectant and hard surface cleaner with a 3-minute Sporicide claim at 99.9999% efficacy.  PeridoxRTU contains no alcohol or bleach and, unlike most other disinfectants, leaves minimal residue on surfaces. For disinfecting in the most critical of laboratories, cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Peridox patented alcohol-free and bleach-free chemistry provides maximum effectiveness against hard-to-kill C.diff spores, MRSA and more than 40 other dangerous pathogens (including ESKAPE pathogens – Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterobacter species) every time you clean and disinfect.

PeridoxRTU provides maximum effectiveness without the risks of bleach. Unlike bleach, PeridoxRTU will not cause damage to stainless steel or clothing, and is compatible with most surfaces. Additionally, PeridoxRTU is a simple one-step cleaner, disinfectant and sporicide.  Follow all manufacturer's directions as instructed on the product label.


  • Broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacterial spores, bacteria, viruses, TB and fungi (mold).
  • Excellent material compatibility that will not damage most surfaces in cleanroom environments, including stainless steel, acrylic, glass, aluminum and chrome.
  • Does not contain alcohol, bleach, quat or silver.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting tasks, such as wiping surfaces and mopping floors.
  • Effective component to monthly cleaning protocols.
  • PeridoxRTU is ideal for use in animal lab, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device facilities.
  • Wear appropriate gloves and eye protection. Additional PPE may be required based on engineering controls/environment, method of application, and use protocols.
  • Now available in Canada


Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
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PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant, 32 oz. bottle (Single bagged with push/pull cap. Spray trigger sold separately)6/caseSDS
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PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant, 32 oz. bottle, sterile (Double bagged with push/pull cap and spray trigger)6/caseSDS
PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant, 0.9L, single bagged with push/pull cap, For Canada Only6/case
PeridoxRTU, 0.9L, sterile, double bagged with push pull cap, For Canada Only6/case
PeridoxRTU foaming trigger6/case
PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant, 1 gallon4/caseSDS
PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant, 1 gallon, Sterile, (Double bagged)4/caseSDS
PeridoxRTU, 3.8L, single bagged, For Canada Only4/case
PeridoxRTU, 3.8L, sterile, double bagged, For Canada Only4/case