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SATWIPES® Silicone Lubrication Wipes

Silicone lubrication is essential to a smooth running process, however used incorrectly it can cause defects in paper and printing and can also create a slipping hazard on the shop floor. Aerosol sprays are difficult to control. Presaturated silicone wipes allow you to lubricate only those surfaces that need to be treated.

  • Eliminates cross-contamination into more sensitive areas of the process
  • Nonwoven fabric carries sufficient liquid to fully coat work surfaces
  • No empty spray cans requiring special disposal
  • Dries rapidly; leaves no greasy or oily film


  • New concept in paper cutter table lubrication for friction reduction
  • Stops squeaking, sticking and binding of machinery
  • Retards corrosion; makes cleaning easier and quicker
Part #DescriptionPackagingSDSSample
Silicone Lubrication wipes, polypropylene/rayon, 5" x 8" (12.7 x 20cm)180 wipes/canister; 12 canisters/caseSDS
Silicone Lubrication wipes, polyester/rayon, 6" x 9" (15.3 x 22.9cm)30 wipes/canister; 25 canisters/caseSDS
Silicone Lubrication wipes, polyester/rayon, 6" x 9" (15.3 x 22.9cm), refills30 wipes/roll; 25 rolls/caseSDS
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