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VertiKlean MAX awarded U.S. Patents

Contec, Inc. proudly announces that the VertiKlean MAX cleanroom mopping system has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Created by Contec Development Engineers David P. Nobile and Jackson S. Burnett, VertiKlean MAX is a disposable polyester and foam mop head designed for applying disinfectants to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Available in two lengths: 8.4" and 12.8", the smallest VertiKlean MAX is appropriate for cleaning tasks in confined spaces, such as cleaning and disinfecting fume hoods, isolators and mini environments. The larger VertiKlean MAX Medium is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting broad surfaces in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Contec CEO Jack McBride says, “The VertiKlean MAX is a patented family of mop heads which utilizes the existing hardware from our highly successful VertiKlean® system. The mop offers superior sorbency for better spill pick-up or for better application of disinfectants to critical surfaces".

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