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Contec, Inc. announces the acquisition of Milliken's Anticon® Products Business

SPARTANBURG, SC – Spartanburg-based Contec, Inc. has announced an agreement to purchase the Anticon® Products Wiping Cloth business from Milliken & Company, also based in Spartanburg. Contec is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of pre-saturated and dry wipes, mops, and specialty cleaning supplies for cleanrooms and controlled environments in microelectronics, life sciences, aerospace, and automotive markets.  Contec has manufacturing facilities in Spartanburg and Suzhou, China.

Contec CEO Jack McBride states that “As long as I can remember Milliken has been a technological leader in textiles for critical industrial applications. The current state of the economy has made consolidation a necessity in our industry so this step makes sense for both companies. Contec is excited about working together with Milliken to bring their proprietary technology to a broader global market.  The Anticon® brand is synonymous with superior performance and value. Contec has a track record of taking great technology platforms such as the Anticon line and growing them into significant businesses through superior applications engineering and world-class manufacturing. Our team believes we can expand the global market for Anticon products and keep as many jobs in the upstate as possible. We view this as a long-term partnership with a technological industry leader.” 

“During a 6-month transition period, most Anticon® products will continue to be made in their current location,” says McBride. “Customers can be assured of a smooth transition and a continuation of the quality manufacturing they have come to expect from Milliken’s Anticon brand.”

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