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Contec, Inc. Offers Simple Solutions for USP<797> Compliance

While the many choices for cleaning products and the latest revisions to USP<797> may seem overwhelming, Contec can help. We offer many products specifically designed for cleaning in critical areas where USP<797> compliance has been mandated. We have developed a simple, yet comprehensive, product guide with recommendations for your Filling Zone, Buffer Zone and Anteroom. Proper use of our PROSAT and PROSAT Sterile presaturated wipes, EasyReach Cleaning Tool with dry or presaturated cleaning pads, VertiKlean MAX mopping system, disinfectants, solutions and antimicrobial soap will help you achieve and maintain USP<797> compliance.

Visit the Resources section of our site for more information on USP<797>. Contec’s  Cleaning & Disinfecting Guide for Isolators, Cabinets & Hoods, USP<797> FAQ sheet and Product Guide are available in PDF format for easy downloading to your computer. To learn more about our cleaning and contamination control products, download a copy of our brochure, Simple Solutions for USP<797> Compliance, or contact your local Contec sales representative. Learn more...