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Contec Introduces New Packaging

We are changing our product packaging to better serve our customers. This transition period will begin December 1, 2006 and is expected to conclude March 31, 2007. Look for improved product labels on our inner bags, newly designed outer bag artwork, and rugged, environmentally friendly kraft cases.

Sterile and presaturated Contec products will now be shipped in kraft boxes. The inner and outer bag packaging on sterile and presaturated products is not changing at this time.

It is important to note that our products themselves have not changed. We will continue to provide high-quality wiping and mopping products for cleaning and contamination control.

We believe these packaging improvements will benefit both our customers and Contec, Inc. If you have questions about any of these improvements, please contact your Contec sales representative, or call Customer Service at; 1-800-289-5762 or +1-864-503-8333.

Improved Product Labels

  • Allows printing of product specific information at the time of manufacture—part number, product description, lot number, country of origin, and expiration date (if applicable)

  • Printed with solvent-resistant ink on cleanroom-compatible label stock


Newly designed packaging

  • Contemporary design printed with solvent-resistant ink makes label on inner bag visible


Kraft Cases

  • Stronger corrugated cases protect our products during shipping and warehousing

  • Environmentally friendly; more desirable for recycling than white boxes which utilize caustic bleach in the manufacturing process.


Improved Pallets

  • Pallets used for the USA market are 44 x 44” (111.76 x 111.76cm) and 48” x 48” (121.92 x 121.92cm), are made of stronger, thicker wood and have more slats than before

  • Pallets for international shipments comply with international freight regulations