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Contec, Inc. announces the acquisition of Sporicidin® International

SPARTANBURG, SC – February 8, 2008 – Contec, Inc. has announced an agreement to purchase the substantial assests of Sporicidin International of Rockville, Maryland. Sporicidin is a manufacturer of disinfectants and cold sterilants for the medical, dental, hospital, critical environments, and industrial cleanroom and mold remediation markets. Contec is a leading global manufacturer of pre-saturated wipes, mopping systems, and specialty cleaning supplies for the pharmaceutical, industrial, and healthcare markets.

Contec CEO Jack McBride states that “Sporicidin has outstanding products with an excellent safety profile. Contec has a track record of taking good technology platforms and growing them into effective products lines in many markets. We are excited by the capability of this product line to offer our customers valuable solutions to some of their toughest disinfecting problems.”

Sporicidin was founded by Dr. Robert Schattner, a well-known entrepreneur who also invented Chloraseptic, the sore-throat medicine used throughout the world. McBride said that “Dr. Schattner is a brilliant man who still enjoys being creative and coming to work every day. The Contec team is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him on a regular basis.”

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