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Disinfection begins with proper selection

By Lisa Strickland, Contec, Inc.

It might not be too dramatic to state that bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores represent a unique, insidious, and dangerous class of contaminants: unique in that under the right conditions the contaminant population can multiply over time; insidious in that these organisms can penetrate into small openings and crevices that can persist for long periods of time; and dangerous in that they can affect human health. So these contaminants must be destroyed and/or removed to achieve the desired cleanliness and aseptic condition. That's the role of disinfectants.

If there were only one chemical agent - i.e., one disinfectant - available to accomplish our objective, life would be simple. Unfortunately, there are many products to select from. So how do we choose? Do we base our decision on chemical structure? Personnel protection issues? Type of organisms to be destroyed? In this article, we'll focus our attention on these questions and others.

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