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Contec Launches New Compact Bucket System

Spartanburg, SC – June 28, 2018 – Contec has developed an all-in-one solution for cleaning and disinfecting in critical environments.  The new Compact Bucket System is designed for use with a variety of cleanroom flat mops and Contec’s VertiKlean® MAX range.

Contec’s Compact Bucket System is available in multiple configurations to meet the differing needs of various critical environments.  One option is available with either two or three autoclavable polypropylene buckets and a choice of a standard or a utility handle.  Alternatively, the system is available with three stainless steel buckets and a standard handle.  The utility handle allows two small buckets (6L) or one large bucket (15L) to be positioned on the handle providing additional storage for extra supplies such as: clean mop heads, solution spray bottles, wipes, and other items as needed. Flat mop wringer or bucket mounted sieves are available.

The cart frame has a mop head removal tool positioned on the front for easy, hands-free removal of a VertiKlean® MAXor VertiKlean® MAX Sealed Edge mop head.  Two mop holders with handle clasps on either side of the cart allow for convenient mop storage during transport and storage.  Both systems are fully autoclavable.

“Contec is constantly trying to improve the products we offer our customers,” says Amy Russ, Cleanroom Product Manager. “This system has more options than any of our previous bucket systems.  From more storage to a mop removal tool, we are excited to be able to offer such a comprehensive system in our product range.”

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