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Contec, Inc. Launching New Products at Interphex

March 21, 2018 – Spartanburg, SC –  Contec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products for critical environments worldwide. For almost 30 years, Contec has developed new and innovative products that focus on customer needs.  This year at Interphex (April 17-19) , Contec will be launching a new Compact Bucket System, extending the VertiKlean® MAX Sealed Edge Mop range, and adding a “trigger-in”  Low Endotoxin IPA with WFI to their range of solutions.

Compact Bucket System

Contec’s autoclavable Compact Bucket System is an all-in-one solution to make cleaning and disinfecting easier and more efficient.

The stainless steel cart is available in multiple configurations to meet the unique needs of your environment.  It is available with either two or three buckets and a choice of a standard or a utility cart handle.  The utility handle provides additional storage for extra supplies such as clean mop heads, solution spray bottles, wipes, and other items as needed.

The cart frame also includes a mop head removal tool for easy, hands-free removal of Contec’s marketing leading VertiKlean MAX mops.  Two mop holders with handle clasps on either side of the cart allow for convenient mop storage during transport and storage.

VertiKlean® MAX Sealed Edge Mop

The VertiKlean MAX Sealed Edge Mop range was designed for applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and is ideal for general cleaning of ceilings, walls and floors in the most critical environments.  This durable, lightweight mop features thermally sealed edges and a polyester microfiber face.  The sealed edges eliminate exposed foam making them ideal for the most critical areas.  The addition of a large 18” mop head, completes the range which already includes a 7.5” and 15” mop head, ensuring there is an ideal sealed edge mop for all areas of the controlled environment.

Contec® 70% IPA Low Endotoxin

Contec Irradiated 70% IPA LE contains 70% by volume USP Grade Isopropanol (IPA) and 30% Water for Injection.  A certified low endotoxin limit of < 0.25 EU/ml makes it ideal for product contact surfaces.  The product is filtered to 0.2µm and gamma irradiated at no less than 25 kGy.  Each lot is sterility tested and certified.  The bottles are provided with the triggers installed, in both 17 oz and 34 oz formats.  The trigger sprays are fitted with a protected system, which ensure sterility throughout use.

Please come by our Interphex booth 1234 for more information about these and other Contec products.