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Contec announces packaging artwork improvements for PROSAT presaturated wipes

June 15, 2012 - SPARTANBURG, SC — Contec is upgrading the artwork for our PROSAT presaturated wipes packaging. The label and packaging will now include graphic symbols to assist users with the recommended opening procedures, which protect the integrity of the wipes and help maintain saturation levels. When PROSAT pouches are opened and closed correctly, saturation levels are maintained and the wipes remain clean. The artwork changes are noticeable; however it is important to note that there is no change to the form, fit or function of the products.

This new artwork will be implemented in June and July, 2012 and will first be visible in Contec part number PS-850. Throughout the remainder of the year, the following part numbers will be transitioned to the new artwork: PS-919, PS-Si, and PSC20002. End user customers will begin seeing the new PROSAT artwork later this summer and fall, as distributors continue to sell current inventory.

If you have questions about this artwork change, please contact your Contec sales representative.

Contec PROSAT PS-850