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Foam Swabs

Custom Engineered Foam Swabs for Critical Environments.

As a full line manufacturer, Contec, Inc. has the capability to produce customized clean room swabs for specific applications with a wide selection of swab sizes, handles, and materials.

CONSTIX foam swabs by Contec offer a variety of foam swab applicators, foam swabs, and cleaning tools to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications.

  • Precision manufacturing ensures our swabs eliminate contamination and provide consistent cleanliness
  • Available with 100 PPIZ reticulated polyurethane open cell foam heads which promotes wicking and particle entrapment
  • Samples of our foam swab products are available at no-charge upon request
  • Solvent resistant specialty urethane material
  • Economical general purpose usage
  • Laundered and double bagged for critical applications
  • Custom sizes are available

Sealed Foam Swabs

Contec’s SF Series swabs have 100 PPI sealed polyurethane foam heads for strength and abrasion resistance. This foam is excellent for particle entrapment and retention, making these swabs ideal for applying lubricants and removing excess materials. Compatible with Isopropyl Alcohol. Lean more about Sealed Foam Swabs.

Sealed Polyester Foam Swabs

Contec’s SP Series swabs have heads made from our Polynit polyester cleanroom fabric for exceptionally low residue and particulate levels. These sealed polyester foam swabs are the best option for use

with harsh solvents such as acetone, trichloroethane, and nitric and sulfuric acids. Learn more about Sealed Polyester Foam Swabs.

ESD Swabs

Several CONSTIX swabs are available with truly conductive handles for sensitive electrostatic dissipative applications. Learn more about ESD Foam Swabs.

Surface Validation Swabs

Designed for the evaluation of surface cleaning protocols in bio-pharmceutical industries, our SV Series swabs are made of Polynit polyester fabric that undergoes a proprietary process to reduce Total Organic Carbon levels and packaged in autoclavable nylon pouches. Learn more about Surface Validation Swabs.